We’re incredibly excited to give you the opportunity to sponsor one of these precious orphans or vulnerable children enrolled at the Ziway or Adami Tulu School. We think there’s nothing better than making a direct, personal connection across continents. So thank you for your generosity!

Unlike some organizations, our child sponsorship program is volunteer run. We aren’t hiring paid administrators, translators or case workers to run the sponsorship program.

As a result, your sponsorship cost is only $19 per month – half the cost of typical sponsorship programs – and 100% of that money (after credit card fees) goes into the field, spent on the costs of the Ziway or Adami Tulu School. 0% goes to US administration.

Here’s how our volunteer-run child sponsorship program works:

  • You will have a photo, real first name, and a few basic details about your child. About once a year, our team goes to the school to take new photographs and update records. We’ll try and email you whenever we have an update on your child, but you can also keep track here on our web site.
  • Unfortunately, we don’t have the ability to help you send a letter to your child. If you send a letter to us, we have no one to translate it. Mail is notoriously unreliable in remote villages, so we also couldn’t guarantee delivery. Rather than charging you an extra $10 a month to do letters, we want to stay focused on helping more kids break the cycle of poverty.
  • If your child leaves the school for any reason, we will notify you by email as soon as we can, and update the child’s profile on the site. We’ll also automatically reassign you to a child in need of a sponsor.
  • We understand that your circumstances and giving budget may change, so you can cancel your sponsorship at any time. We just ask that you email us with at least one month’s notice, so we can update the records, and try to find a new sponsor for your child.

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