Sponsor a Child’s Education

For just $19/month, you can sponsor one of the kids at the Lifesong Ethiopia Schools and ensure that they get the incredible education, spiritual mentoring and food they need to break the cycle of poverty. Many of these kids are already orphans; all are vulnerable children sitting on the razor’s edge of extreme poverty that can rip families apart and create orphans for life. Learn More or See the Kids Waiting for Sponsors »

Donate to the Capital Projects Fund

The Ziway + Adami Tulu Project built the last four-classroom building at the school with 154 donations ranging from $2 to $13,000. So every single donation, of any amount, matters! Whether you’re willing to buy Gobena Coffee, buy Encompass Nutrients, or just write a check, you’ll be a part of changing the world, one village at a time. Donate Now »

Join our Project as a Team Leader

Our team leaders don’t have extreme wealth or special skills. We’re just ordinary people who came together to make a difference. We need more people to join us who will share the project with their friends, family, co-workers and community. Want to spend a few hours a month changing the world? Contact Us »