The following people are active team leaders on the Ziway + Adami Tulu Project. Team leaders make a commitment to each annual phase of the project, and pledge to generate, share and promote fundraising ideas as a part of the team during that project phase.

(Alphabetical by last name)

Phil & Starla Goad Little Rock, Arkansas

Phil & Starla Goad

Phil and Starla Goad have been married for 36 years and are thankful for their three awesome children, each of whom have been blessed with wonderful Godly mates. They also have three grandsons who live “just down the road”. Phil is a business owner and Starla is active as an assistant teaching director in Community Bible Study. They have a passion for God’s Word and for helping build strong marriages and working with God to repair hurting marriages. They also have a growing desire to practice “pure and undefiled religion” by helping orphans. They’re excited about the ministry of Lifesong for Orphansand are asking God to open doors for His kingdom work with the folks involved with this great ministry.

Aaron & Cacey Klein Colfax, California

Aaron & Cacey Klein

Aaron and Cacey Klein have been married for 10 years, and have experienced the miracle of adoption twice. Their son, Spencer, is nearly 5 and was born in South Korea. Their daughter, Emma, is nearly 3 and was born in Ethiopia. They are “committed for life” to the radical mission for changing the world that Isaiah 1:17 calls us to. In their spare time, Aaron leads a tech startup, and Cacey chases around the two aforementioned little short people who make their house a home.

Steve & Danae Lehman Peoria, Illinois

Steve & Danae Lehman

Steve and Danae Lehman have been married for 11 years. Steve is an engineer working in Design-Build and Danae is a stay at home mom/domestic engineer/visionary architect.They have 4 children…1 biological, 2 adopted from Ethiopia, and one adopted from Colombia. They are the founders of Gobena Coffee and The GO Initiative.

After adopting their daughter from Ethiopia, and seeing the extreme poverty and vulnerable children, they felt a call from the Lord to be an advocate for the needs of orphans and children in desperate situations.

Mike & Julianne McDaniel Grass Valley, California

Mike & Julianne McDaniel

Mike and Julianne McDaniel live in Grass Valley, CA where they were both raised. They have been married for 11 wonderful years and have 2 daughters. Grace is 9 and Megan is 7. Mike is self-employed as a financial advisor and Julianne is a proud stay at home mom. Mike loves to fly fish, work in the yard on his tractor and spend time in the garden with his family. Julianne also enjoys gardening, as well as cooking, sewing, volunteering at the girls’ school and serving God through Bible Study Fellowship. The McDaniel’s feel passionately that God has called them to contribute to the ministry of caring for orphans.

Bob & Ann Meyer Bluffton, Indiana

Bob & Ann Meyer

Bob and Ann Meyer have been working as Lifesong Advocates to Ethiopia for the past two years. Their lives have been deeply impacted by their trips to Ethiopia. They have a passion for orphans and vulnerable children since the Lord engraved Psalm 82:3 on their hearts: “defend the poor and fatherless.”They have been married for 37 years and blessed with three children and four precious grandchildren. Bob is a business owner and Ann loves her job as a grandma. The Lifesong orphan ministry is a way in their “empty nest” years to further God’s Kingdom.

Casey & Mary Beth Picker Little Rock, Arkansas

Casey & Mary Beth Picker

Casey and Mary Beth Picker have been married for 10 years and have three young children. Casey is a free-lance web developer, and Mary Beth is a bible study leader and stay-at-home mom. They both are actively involved in their church’s orphan care ministry.They first fell in love with Ethiopia when they traveled there in 2009 to adopt their infant son. They returned just a year later to bring home their daughter. Since that time, Casey and Mary Beth have been working as fundraisers and supporters of Lifesong Ethiopia to serve orphans and fight against the orphan crisis in Ethiopia. They are passionate about their role as Orphan Advocates in their church and community and are thankful for the work God has given them to do.

Terry & Juli Waggoner Middlebury, Indiana

Terry & Juli Waggoner

Middlebury is the home of Terry and Juli Waggoner, where Terry serves the community as a Chiropractor and Juli assists him at the office in a variety of ways. They are honored to be the parents of six children that range in age from 20 months to 25 years. The Waggoners enjoy vacationing in Minnesota where they hike, bike, fish, cookout, swim in the lake, and enjoy family games together. As adoptive parents themselves, Terry and Juli love to advocate for children in need while sharing their story about the beauty of adoption and how it has changed them personally.

Ryan & Cassie Williams Portland, Oregon

Ryan & Cassie Williams

Ryan and Cassie Williams have been married for 12 years and have 3 amazing children, ages 7 to 2 years. Their hearts were forever changed during the adoption process of their youngest child from Ethiopia. During that time they made a commitment to continue to advocate for orphans and widows in Ethiopia and around the world.

Ryan works as a software engineer and Cassie is a busy stay at home mom. They live a fun, action packed life that includes hiking, biking, and family time together. They are also involved in their local church as well as the Ethiopian adoptive community. Cassie is currently a board member of Ethiopian Adoptive Families of Oregon. Ryan and Cassie have a strong passion for advocating for children in need around the world and love sharing their story of adoption with others. They feel so blessed to be a part of this team and the work being done in Ethiopia.

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The Adami Tulu Project is a project of Lifesong for Orphans, a non-profit organization bringing love and purpose to orphans and vulnerable children around the world. Lifesong operates the Adami Tulu School in partnership with Misgana Ministries and Mesereto Kristos Church.